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Value Stream Mapping
Value Stream Mapping
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What is a Value Stream?

Compared to most ways of thinking about process, the value stream concern is "how we create and deliver value" rather than "how we do things".

It seems everyone in the Agile, DevOps and Tech scene are talking about Value... (More)

How is Value Stream Mapping different from EventStorming?

I spent some time today mapping out the similarities and differences between Value Stream Mapping and EventStorming. It's remarkable how similar they seem, and I think the way I've been doing VSM is very close to an EventStorming approach. I... (More)

Seeing Value Flow: The Network, Chain and Streams

I've been digging into and expanding my understanding of value flow in different contexts, and (as I do) visualizing it has been helpful to put it all into context. Have a look and if you're interested in further reading, check... (More)

Making Time for Improvement

I wanted to share a comment I made on a great post I saw today, because it's such a common challenge and the typical approaches are a hard sell:

In his post, Olivier outlines 6 common strategies for tackling... (More)