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Value Stream Mapping
Value Stream Mapping
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Summary: 5 Reasons Why Organizations Struggle to Deliver Value in DevOps

Eric Robertson shared a great presentation a while back on Value Stream Management adoption that I'm just now parsing myself, and I wanted to share my short paraphrase on the 5 main points:

1) The need for value stream thinking... (More)

What is a Value Stream?

Compared to most ways of thinking about process, the value stream concern is "how we create and deliver value" rather than "how we do things".

It seems everyone in the Agile, DevOps and Tech scene are talking about Value... (More)

Working in software can seem like wandering in the wilderness 😬 How do you know you're heading in the right direction? I love the concept of using maps and compassess to discover surroundings, evaluate a situation and decide on ... (More)

Where's the Value in a Value Stream Map? Part 1

You might be wondering how we get from a diagram showing steps and timing, to actually making a decision on what to do next. It's not always crystal clear, and it does get easier with context and experience, but in... (More)