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Asked a question 4 months ago

How does Value Stream Mapping influence culture?

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If we think of culture as 'what we do together' or more specifically 'how we behave together', then Value Stream Mapping is an incredibly powerful exercise. I'll sum up a few reasons in a list:

  • It brings individuals together. You can't build culture in isolation.
  • It busts silos, departments, and barriers. Everyone contributing to the stream is represented. Cross pollination is a side effect.
  • It brings perspectives out of individual minds and out into the open. We can't address what we can't see.
  • It reinforces data-driven decision-making. If you want to be data-driven, you need data.
  • It's inclusive. You bring together individuals from across the organization and ask them for input.
  • It provides an opportunity for the brilliant to shine. Contributors can bring their boldest ideas.
  • It levels the playing field. The value stream doesn't care about hierarchy, it's horizontal by design.
  • It helps you imagine improvement. If things are crappy now, it's ok, we're building a map to better.
  • It helps you start over. Reimagine everything with an ideal state. Begin again.
  • It's easy, fast, and fun. Team building is built in.