Spent some time this morning digging into DSDM a bit and didn't get far before tripping over the basics.

First thing I noticed beyond a bunch of heavy and confusing material is that it seems very problematic to build a house based on common sense and pragmatism.

We all know those two things are notoriously absent from the world, nebulous at best, and elusive even when sought 😄

It's admirable that these terms are clearly defined, but that doesn't make them any more realistic. Specifically admirable is the specific avoidance of dogma by focusing on pragmatism. Sounds great. Then in the next breath it's communicated that Time, Cost, and Quality must always be fixed. What should we call that if we wanted to avoid the word dogma?

I'm not saying these things should be constantly sacrificed, but isn't it often extremely pragmatic to compromise? What percentage of DSDM projects succeed if deadlines, cost, and quality must always be exact to plan?

Please let me know!

Finally, the icing on the cake of this exercise was the cookie banner, where, if you don't feel like accepting all of their undefined cookies, you get kicked to the wikipedia page for cookies! 😙Absolutely delightful. 10/10 experience. 😌Common sense and pragmatism for everyone.