Just out! My conversation with Brian Dawson on Value Streams, Value Stream Thinking, and Flow Engineering.

DevOps Radio
DevOps Radio

"Pursue value. Exactly. So instead of automating everything, automate the things that drive the most value. Really be intentional about things like automation, because it does not come for free, and it is always at the cost of something else that you could be automating. Priority matters and value matters."

We cover:
- Getting out of a change stall
- Beyond DevOps
- Value Stream origins
- Value Stream Management opportunities and gaps
- How I started to think of flow
- Graduated complexity
- Starting from outcomes
- The 4x4 Method
- DevOps
- Jeff Keyes' great value stream ebook

And Brian and I generally just geek out together, which was a ton of fun :]

Thanks CloudBees for making the chat happen!

link: https://vzbl.io/717e70b0