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Steve updated 10 months ago
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Ebook: Value Delivery

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The Flow Engineering Course - End to End Case

Case: Ambitious Software Delivery Team

Let's look at the example of a team aiming to boost their performance:

Starting from: “We want to deliver software twice as fast without sacrificing quality” we first map that outcome to reveal top contributing... (More)


The Flow Engineering Course - Capability Mapping

What's affecting us from inside the Value Stream?

In the example, you can see how feature delivery is being affected by your two primary bottlenecks which are dependent on validation and test automation, how they are connected to external tooling... (More)

Steve updated 9 months ago

The Flow Engineering Course - Outcome Mapping

How do you get from a desired outcome to a target value stream?

If we take a desired outcome like: "Release 2x faster", it's easy to target the release value stream for the product in question.

  • Release what?... (More)