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Value Stream Mapping
Value Stream Mapping

How is a Value Stream Map Different?

As DevOps, systems thinking and continuous improvement become more common knowledge, more and more people are looking beyond those foundations to how they can be best applied.

More and more, I see people wondering what Value Stream Mapping and Value... (More)

How is Value Stream Mapping different from EventStorming?

I spent some time today mapping out the similarities and differences between Value Stream Mapping and EventStorming. It's remarkable how similar they seem, and I think the way I've been doing VSM is very close to an EventStorming approach. I... (More)

What is a Value Stream Map?

I've always been a visual person, and used flow charts, swim lane diagrams and every other technique to analyze and share information. It's easy to look at a typical diagram and dismiss it as overly simplistic, idealistic or inaccurate. I'd... (More)

Summary: 5 Reasons Why Organizations Struggle to Deliver Value in DevOps

Eric Robertson shared a great presentation a while back on Value Stream Management adoption that I'm just now parsing myself, and I wanted to share my short paraphrase on the 5 main points:

1) The need for value stream thinking... (More)