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The Value Stream Management Foundation Course is now released and driving lots of positive response! As a value stream fan, this is the most complete and up to date course on Value Stream Management available anywhere, and it's tailored specifically... (More)
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Just putting the last words into our first draft of the upcoming book on Flow Engineering. Andrew and I have been recording our progress and thoughts at and if you're interested in keeping up with progress and getting early... (More)
Steve updated 3 months ago

From Friction to Flow through Focus

How much of this looks familiar to you?

If you're working in a software or product delivery team, you probably recognize quite a few of these symptoms, but what are the causes, and how do we get to better?

It... (More)

Steve updated 4 months ago

Seeing Value Flow: The Network, Chain and Streams

I've been digging into and expanding my understanding of value flow in different contexts, and (as I do) visualizing it has been helpful to put it all into context. Have a look and if you're interested in further reading, check... (More)