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Welcome to the Value Era

Every company is a tech company, and software has eaten the world. We can build anything. Tech ubiquity, complexity, subscription, and competition have made value more important than ever. We have entered The Value Era. Yet, companies, teams and individuals struggle to define, grow, sustain and deliver value. 

This community strives to share ideas, stories, tools and techniques for maximizing and sustaining value in The Value Era.

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What is a Value Stream?

It seems everyone in the Agile, DevOps and Tech scene are talking about Value Streams in 2020, and for good reason! Business and manufacturing folks have been focused on value streams for decades, but as maturity and capability evolve in... (More)

What is a Value Stream Map?

I've always been a visual person, and used flow charts, swim lane diagrams and every other technique to analyze and share information. It's easy to look at a typical diagram and dismiss it as overly simplistic, idealistic or inaccurate. I'd... (More)

How is a Value Stream Map Different?

As DevOps, systems thinking and continuous improvement become more common knowledge, more and more people are looking beyond those foundations to how they can be best applied. More and more, I see people wondering what Value Stream Mapping and Value... (More)

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