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Chris liked a reply 12 days ago

Value Stream approach adoption

How would you go about identifying your value streams?

I’m thinking a first-pass, depth-first search to draft an initial hierarchy, the current state.

An antipattern I’ve seen is trying to start with an assumed target not well understood and based... (More)

Chris liked 14 days ago

Outcome Mapping 101

The highest performing companies build alignment around three questions: Why are we doing this? What should we do? How do we implement the transformation?

Boston Consulting Group, 2020

The Outcome Map

Clarify the goal and contributing factors to explore your... (More)

Steve updated a month ago

DevOps is dead, long live DevOps

By now, #DevOps shouldn't be a word you hear in your organization, and if you do, see if you can steer conversation towards specifics:

Steve, you love DevOps, why are you doing this, again?

The reason people talk about DevOps... (More)


If we think of culture as 'what we do together' or more specifically 'how we behave together', then Value Stream Mapping is an incredibly powerful exercise. I'll sum up a few reasons in a list:

  • It brings individuals together. You... (More)