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Steve updated 18 hours ago

Are You Missing a Puzzle Piece?

You've heard a lot of opinions about 'the most critical' or the 'core' challenge of digital transformation, innovation and agility.

You'll hear a lot more in the coming years.

  • Data.
  • Automation.
  • Culture.
  • Security.
  • Regulation.
  • Code.
  • Infrastructure.

They're all wrong.

They're... (More)


Why Value Streams instead of DevOps?

Why do I spend all my time on Value Streams instead of #DevOps in 2020?

I get this question often, especially since I've been closely involved in DevOps since 2011 (and before the term arose).

Don't get me wrong: DevOps... (More)

Steve updated 17 days ago

Webinar: DevOps and Value Stream Flow

I had the great privilege of joining a conversation yesterday about Value Stream Flow and wanted to share it here with a quick summary. We talk about Flow, Mapping and Management, as well as what's happening in the industry and... (More)

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