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If you're aiming to make major improvements to your DevOps and software delivery performance in 2021, I've got a killer recipe for you called The 4x4 Method. It gives you a step-by-step process to make massive progress with DORA's 4... (More)
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Where's the Value in a Value Stream Map? Part 1

You might be wondering how we get from a diagram showing steps and timing, to actually making a decision on what to do next. It's not always crystal clear, and it does get easier with context and experience, but in... (More)

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Projects, Products, and Platforms Part 1: What's the Ideal Model for DevOps-friendly teams?

When I help companies improve their value streams, the target team and I start high and dig as deep as we need to in order to reveal their unique bottlenecks, risks and opportunities. That usually leads us to examining where... (More)

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