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Steve updated 2 days ago

Value Stream Definition and Design Delivery: Concerns and Outcomes

I wanted to share an illustration of how common challenges in business, tech and the business of tech map to positive outcomes via Value Stream Definition and Design.

For many people they may either be aware of Value Streams as... (More)

Steve updated 10 days ago

Three Ways Now is the Best Time for Examining Your Value Streams

3 factors affecting all of us right now make it a perfect time to define and improve your value streams:

  1. It's easier than ever to get everyone in the same room and on the same page. All the circumstances and... (More)
Steve updated 14 days ago

Free Fitness Check, Value Stream and Capability Map Templates

Below I'm linking to 3 example templates I use with distributed teams or when time is scarce and getting everyone in a room is a challenge. These can easily be used over a conference call, slack or totally asynchronously whenever... (More)

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