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Steve updated a month ago

From Friction to Flow through Focus

How much of this looks familiar to you?

If you're working in a software or product delivery team, you probably recognize quite a few of these symptoms, but what are the causes, and how do we get to better?

It... (More)

Steve updated a month ago

Seeing Value Flow: The Network, Chain and Streams

I've been digging into and expanding my understanding of value flow in different contexts, and (as I do) visualizing it has been helpful to put it all into context. Have a look and if you're interested in further reading, check... (More)

Steve updated a month ago

What is The Value Network? A Simple Introduction

Value networks are focused on describing the social and technical resources that exist within and between organizations. The nodes in a value network represent roles or functions in an enterprise. The nodes are connected by interactions, which represent deliverables that... (More)

Steve replied a month ago

Outcome Mapping 101

The highest performing companies build alignment around three questions: Why are we doing this? What should we do? How do we implement the transformation?

Boston Consulting Group, 2020

The Outcome Map

Clarify the goal and contributing factors to explore your... (More)